About us

Our Mission Statement

ZeroXEco - Your go to site to help you live a zero waste and low impact lifestyle

 "It takes a lot of people doing little things to make a big change"

Zero X Eco was founded on the very principle above. Many people across the world are seeing the effects of climate change, plastic pollution and ecological damage. This has resulted in many, just like us, to try and look for alternatives where we are causing as little harm as possible, living sustainably and minimising our impact on our planet. 

We are a brand that envisages a world where everyone takes personal responsibility for their actions. Hence, why we have put together a large selection of products to suit your everyday needs.

Thank you for taking the first steps to becoming more eco-friendly and lead a sustainable lifestyle! 

Our mission does not end there! To do our more, we have partnered with charities that have the same values as we do. We have pledged to donate 10% of profits on selected items to our partner charities. See our social media pages for more info!